Oregon City

Last week was the Portland Yarn Crawl. I worked the whole weekend and missed most of it. I asked people in the shop to name their favorite and most surprising yarn store, many mentioned the yarn store in Oregon City as a favorite. SO I convinced the husband and the child for a short day trip to see Oregon City.
Wynona Studios in Oregon City is totally adorable. They specialize in eco friendly- repurposed yarn. So cute, and so worth the trip.

Also their dog and my daughter totally had matching outfits.

We also visited the nations largest, free-standing municipal elevator. Yup.

View from the top. We are a funny hat family

Then we had a proper wonder around town. Saw some super cute antique shops and took photos, including a giant panda bear pouring himself a drink

Eighty-two Channels NO WAY
Davy touched a beaver pelt
We visited a mural (insert Parks and Recreation jokes here)
It still bugs me out that she is walking everywhere!
Finally, our little home looked mighty inviting!


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