So ’tis the season for handmade gifts. I have been crazy busy crafting away. So much so it has been stressing me out a little. Do i finished the fingerless gloves from 6 weeks ago? Do I knit a giant reindeer head? Do I finish Courtney’s quilt (that only needed about 2 hours of work on). How about some handmade ornaments? What about Andy’s Jam label? SO MUCH to DO. I feel like a portland stereo type!

So hear it is- everything so far!

I had made a hat for Davy that would be big enough for all of her puffs and bantu knots. It wasn’t big enough so I made her a hipster slouchy.

Did some quick ornaments that were toddler friendly for our tree:


Untitled(these were pretty time consuming)


Strung some garland (I have had these felt balls for years)Untitled

Davy got into the action and decorated some snowflakesUntitled

and herselfUntitled

I am working on my reindeer head-He is huge and not felting as well as I would have hoped because I way over stuffed him. Also it looks creepy because he doesn’t have eyes or horns, it is WAY more knitting than i bargained for, but he will be cute when he is done. His name is MakeOne. I named him that because we have one at the store and I started a facebook contest about the name. I picked the name Make One because it was cute and not as obvious as some. My coworker randomly decided her name should be Purl and put a string of purls on him and changed his gender. So I made my own make one because I am a small minded person who obviously doesn’t have enough to think about. The end of the story…..

and because we appreantly are portland stereotypes. Andy has been making is own jam for christmas gifts. They are great and delicious. I did the labels and cut out a million of those circles. Today Davy wanted jam on her toast. I have her marmalade and she said “Noooooo JAM mommy”. I guess she would know the difference.

Finally we had some people over to help decorate our tree. These are a few of my favorite pictures.
These are some of my favorite people (please note the green marker on Lori’s forehead)

After years of religious ambivalence. I am proud of my Christmas Jew status. Untitled

Andy bought me a special sweater. I am showing it off with Beti. I think Beti thinks I am a little crazyUntitled

How in the world to I manage all of this?
My house is a freaking mess. We have a giant knit reindeer head, but really no spoons. I am THAt fun to live with folksUntitled


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