Today Was a Special Kind of Day


Davy has been going to Ginny’s house a few days a week for the last 8 months or so. Ginny and Davy have a special kind of relationship. I think Davy has learned a lot there. They kind of love each other and I feel special and fortunate that there is someone so fantastic in Davy’s life. Also, personally I like Ginny a lot. We always have a lot to talk about. Sometimes I think it kind of annoys Davy that I hang around to talk to Ginny. She has been saying “bye mom”, before I am ever ready to leave. It’s funny.

Daycare has been out for holiday break so Davy has spent two full long days at Ginnys. This has given me some extra time to craft and generally feel like an adult. Today my friend Ari and I went to go see Lincoln. A mid-week adult movie that Andy (who is in Atlanta visiting family) would HATE. Before Davy came along- I used to love going to see movies during the week. It kind of felt delicious and decidant to see a mid-week movie. Yummy.

Then I had a 2-hour conversation with my friend Courtney who I haven’t spoken to in weeks. Then I picked up Davy and we went to our other family, the Rooneys for dinner.
Davy is trying on her sense of humor and was making little toddler jokes all through dinner. It was really funny. After dinner Davy spent some time chasing around Abe and Beti. Beti showed Davy a snow globe that I think was kind of mesmerizing for Davy. When it was time to leave she thanked Lori for dinner (unprompted) and said it was good!!! She then gave everyone hugs. Big Bear Hugs.

photo copy
As I was putting her to sleep tonight we just hugged each other for a hard long time. I missed her all day, but was so proud of the little person she was becoming. I told her how happy she made me and how I am so proud of her and happy that I got to be her mother. We sat in the rocker for a long time, rubbing each others back. A perfect moment. My beautiful funny daughter. Out of all of the people in the universes who could have been my kid, this is my kid, and I am so grateful.


3 thoughts on “Today Was a Special Kind of Day

  1. I feel the need to clarifiy that Abe was wearing green face paint. These are not old bruises.
    I love that photo of Beti and Davy with teh snow globe. So gorgeous.

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