Toddler Logic


So this week we were at our weekly trip to the Playground Gym, or as I like to call it “land of aggressive boys”. This was our last week in that particular class. We have changed classes, I am excited about this because Davy gets to be in class with her buddy Max.

So one of the mean boys, actually the prototype mean boy pulled on Davy’s beads. Davy is SO proud of her beads- she loves them. Davy was totally freaked out and was literally cowering from him. I tapped him on the back and gave him my best angry mom face. DON’T TOUCH MY KID. His equally shithead grandmother was AWAL.

After class I had the first of many many conversations about how she gets to protect her body. How its totally okay to say “no” to people who are poking her or pulling on her hair. It’s her body and she owns it. She gets to say what happens to it. I know this is a sophisticated conversation for a 2- year old, but it’s better to start now.

She totally got the gist of it because the next day I was changing her diaper and she was wiggling around. I said “Davy sit still so I can change this”. She said “No Mommy, its MY body, No Diaper”.



3 thoughts on “Toddler Logic

  1. Good for you giving jerk kid the what for! Shame on his grandma, I’d be embarrassed if that was my kid. And good for Davy! You guys are so awesome:)

    1. PS I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog. Not sure if you are into that kinda thing so feel free to particpate if you want! I just love how you write and am a loyal follwer:)

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