Thinking About 2010


Well considering the fact that the beginning of 2010 blew chunks the last part of this year really rocked. A year ago Andy lost his job and it was one of the darkest times in our adult lives. I hadn’t wanted to move to Portland. The job that moved us here turned out to be a total clusterfuck. I was full of anger and resentment and uncertainty about our ability to continue on with the adoption. I read back on that blog post and I was so amazingly sad. There was no doubt that we would get through it- but at the time we really didn’t know what to do.

That was a complete year ago. It’s amazing how much life gets lived in a whole year. They say time heals- it really does. So 2010 started out sucking ass but ended really lovely and quietly. Ironically, 2010 may have been one of our best years so far. Mom always says life is peaks and valleys- so i want to talk about some of those peaks.

The Adoption- is amazingly on track. Yes we are still WAITING for that referral (currently number eight) but thankfully things are moving along in Ethiopia and our kid is coming soon. I keep thinking ‘what is another month or so of waiting when we have the rest of our lives to celebrate with our kid.’ Also waiting never seems a long when you are looking back on it. It’s only hard when you are in it. I am feeling good and feel like it coming.

The People- We have found an amazing and wonderful community here. Portland is slowly becoming a place that I feel very connected to and I really need to thank the people in my life for helping me with this. What would we ever do without our new friends? Who could I talk about the adoption and my fears at becoming a good mom without Laura and Chuck? Who can call on a moments notice and go fabric shopping without Gillian? Who would show us Portland and make us belly laugh without Ari and Anne?Who will feed me beer and PJ Tips on a major holiday day without The Rooneys? I want to thank all of these wonderful people for helping to make Portland seem more like home.

The Waiting Moms- I can’t say enough about the friendship and camaraderie  of this group of amazing women. This process is hard and having the love and support of these awesome women really makes it a whole lot easier. I am so grateful for this group of people. Eternally grateful. I can’t wait for our kids to play and grow up together.

The Kids- We have gone to the airport and have welcomed home Haptamu, Zeditu, Miles, Teriku and Porter J. We have seen these bewildered and exhausted kids exit the airplane and have had the honor to witness the love of them meeting their extend families for the first time. Powerful stuff.  We have seen them go from referral photos to whole, funny and very real kids. I can’t wait to meet our friends kids still in Ethiopia and witness this miracle time and time again. I can’t wait to meet and get to know E, L, S, and B. I hope you come home soon kiddos- your parents really miss you!

Andy Beach– after 10 years of marriage my husband makes me laugh hard everyday. He is the person I love and trust the most. This year has brought him tremendous professional success. There is nothing I love more than watching Andy play with kids. I can’t wait to see him with our own.

My Mom- It has been a hard year. After 64 years of living in Michigan my mom joined us in Portland. She is a very brave and funny woman. I I am so glad and grateful she is here to be on this journey with us. I hope that I am at least a half as good as a mom as she is.

Our Furry Babies- Sweet Georgia Brown turned 15 this year. She is full of spunk and vigor. I love her so much! Bella Monkeywitz continues to be my shadow and personal foot warmer. Both of these hairy beasts make me laugh and feel even move loved everyday.

Usually optimism isn’t my strong suit. Andy says my glass is half full- but its full of poison. I don’t want to put a Kenahora on 2011 but I am feeling optimistic. My hopes for the year are that my relationships -old and new- continue to grow and deepen. That we get to bring home our son or daughter. That we continue in good health and as always, good humor.


4 thoughts on “Thinking About 2010

  1. LOVE this post Lisa!!! Your writing always brightens my day, makes me smile and of course laugh! I can’t wait for our kids to all be home so we can have one BIG party and celebrate!! Hugs to you my friend!

  2. I am terrible at commenting on people’s blogs, but I just have to tell you…you somehow manage to always make me laugh and smile (I feel bad about that when you are talking about things like, feeling like an ass-burger sandwich), but you are such a delight! Thank you!

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