Andy’s Flying Monkey


Last year Andy was at a conference and they gave away these hilarious flying and screaming monkeys. You fling them and they make this crazy screeching sound. My mother HATES that sound. She gets a hilarious visceral reaction from it. Of our dogs Georgia and Bella, of coarse love it. So every few months it gets taken out of the closet just to annoy my mother.

Last week my mom came over for dinner and the dogs found the monkey. While we were having a purely civilized dinner the monkey kept screeching in the background. Thus making my mother jump out of her seat. So when she left Andy put it in her bag. He was so proud of himself and couldn’t WAIT until she found it. We were having a good chuckle about it and he said “I can’t wait to be a father so I can mess with my kid that way.”  I can’t either.

Here is a video of the flying monkey. I got it off of youtube. That dude is NOT my husband!

Also- Andy wanted me to post this video because it makes us laugh and laugh. The pig totally reminds us of Bella



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