Amazing, Amazing, Amazing

I knew yesterday was going to be a good day because I woke up and turned on the tv exactly at 8 a.m and the movie Meatballs was on. For some reason I thought this was a good omen.

I spent the morning puttering around the house. The night before we had gone to Back Fence PDX (a storytelling event) and it was a late night. Andy woke up late and we watched a little bit of Meatballs together and then some of the news. He took a shower, I went to work in my craft room- again just dawdling.

Around 11 Andy and I went to New Seasons. I had a totally esoteric list of things that I needed Quinoa, Honey, Miso. I was joking that this list should have been on the website White Whine– because it was SO Portland.

I also shared a few texts with my former boss because it was her birthday. Now we will always remember that date.

Then I went to my friend Kirsty’s house. She has two little kids from Ethiopia that she brought home 5 months ago. We were just started chatting when the phone rang. I had just saved our social workers cellphone number in my phone- so I saw it was her. She had called the day before with a random questions. When I picked up the phone she said “Don’t get excited- i just have a question”. So when she called yesterday I thought that she just had another random question. I didn’t think it was “the call”. Instead she said “So if the baby’s room Pink or Blue”.

My mind went numb- I had to run outside and scream and shout. I didn’t know if I should ask the details or race home to Andy so we can hear them together. I also wanted to be the person who got to say “your a father.” So much was going through my mind. She said it was a girl! I flipped out. I had SO expected a boy. A girl- oh my gawd- what the heck am I going to do with a girl!?!?!? Andy totally wanted a girl!!!! I was screaming and crying all at once. I couldn’t breath. I was thrilled and so excited. Andy later asked if I threw up and pooped myself all at once. He knows me so well.

Four weeks ago- i thought that this would never happen. Three days ago I though this was would never happen. Monday I thought this would never happen. Then it happened. My friend thought to get her camera out and took some photos of me as I was on the phone with Kathie, our social worker. They are amazing photos- so funny.

My mom came over- we cried and hugged each other. We talked to everyone in our lives. All of our friends and family picked up on the first ring. They knew it was coming.

Our daughter’s name(feels CRAZY to write that) in Amharic translates to the word “Amazing” she is amazing. A survivor. We are going to call her Davy after my grandfather, also an amazing survivor.

We are going to take the next few days and feel elated, relieved, in love and excited. We know that adoption is a bitter-sweet experience. Our girl has had plenty of heartbreak in her short life. It feels selfish to be so happy. We are going to give ourselves a few days to feel good. The process of becoming a family for us has been so hard too. I know that we are meant to be together. That she is our daughter. All the hiccups and delays brought us together. She is amazing. Amazing. I also know that we need to be profoundly grateful. Adoption is so bitter sweet. After we are done with celebrating our daughter coming into our lives- we will sit back, light a candle and thank, thank thank her birthparents for giving us the awesome opportunity and responsibility to raise their beautiful and amazing daughter.


10 thoughts on “Amazing, Amazing, Amazing

  1. I stood up at work and started racing around, flapping my hands like a bird and crying.

    Pooping and barfing seem like a perfectly good reaction to me.

    Congratulations to you and Andy! I hope the next few months go much smoother for you guys.

  2. I was crying when I got the news! Babies are such a miracle! You should write her a childrens book Amazing Davy!

  3. Lisa, this is such wonderful news! I am so excited for you and Andy. You will make a wonderful mom to your beautiful daughter.

  4. I don’t know you, but have been reading your site for the last month or so. As soon as I saw your picture, I knew. Then I got goosebumps all over…for two people I’ve never even met. I am SO SO HAPPY for you two. You both are going to be the most awesome parents. Congrats and enjoy these wonderful moments.

    Adopting from Ethiopia (Holt)

  5. I loved reading how it all happened. So happy for you and all your new found joy. Congratulations on the news and all that is yet to come.

  6. i’m a year late (surprise, surprise) but oh, what a post. and that has got to be one of the BEST photos of you anywhere. you radiate joy.

    happy referralversary, my lisa!

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