Out of the Mouth of Babes

The last few days have been a blur. We are having a party on Saturday to celebrate our new arrival. We went to Target to check out baby stuff. Holy canoli (trying to swear less now that I am a “mother”) kids need a lot of crap! It’s been good. We have been super happy. We can’t stop staring at her little face and giant piercing eyes. She is a beauty.

My husband has some software that turns photos in to a cartoon with thought and word bubbles. He totally did one for me and Davy. It made me laugh. I am bummed that I can’t post the actually photo but I will try to explain it. He used the photos of me on the phone with our social worker and our two referral photos. In one referral photo her tiny fist is up by her ear and she looks pretty serene. The second photo we have of her it looks like she was in mid gas- her giant eyes look surprised, her lips are pierced and she looks like well- like she just farted and kind of surprised herself at the same time. It reminds me of this video. It’s a really funny photo- that’s how you know she’s our kid. The photo was taken when she was 10 days old and she already has a ton of personality and attitude.

So here is the totally fictional conversation between me and my daughter:

Me (one the phone): Uh, Hello, who is this?

Davy: Who am I ?!? Lady you called me- who the hell are you??

Me: Uh, I am your mom

Davy (making her poopy face) Oh man, I think i just pooped myself a little bit

Me (laughing) Me too



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